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Vancouver Plant Rentals & Tree Rentals

Why Live Plants?

24-Month Rental SpecialThe answer is simple. Because you can see the difference and so can everyone else.

Live is the real thing...nothing else comes close.

If you want a quality product...then, a live product is your best bet.

Welcome to Movie Greens, suppliers of live plants and trees in the Greater Vancouver area. Here you will find a resource of information covering everything you need to know about the rental of live plants and trees.

Movie Greens supplies Vancouver plant rentals and tree rentals for corporate businesses and offices, Vancouver Conventions, Vancouver Trade Shows, the Vancouver Film Industry and special events.

People view spaces with live plants as more positive, more expensive looking, more relaxed and more friendly.

Live plants reduce anxiety levels and toxins.

Let Movie Greens help make your Office, Convention, Trade show or special event a beautiful, green environment.